What we stand for

We have a set of core beliefs and values that guide our behavior, decision making and how we show up in the world for our clients and everyone in our lives.

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There is no greater human force in the world than leadership. Leadership produces inspired futures that were never going to enter into existence without it. We show up and perform as leaders in our lives.

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We are about something bigger than ourselves: serving others. It is a true passion of ours to make a lasting difference in the lives of others. This is the single greatest driver of our business. (And we like to make money too, and that is the byproduct of powerful service).

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We have an affinity for power. By power, we mean the ability to produce results by creating upgraded experiences for people that inspire them into action. We move through our lives and relationships with power, taking great care not to be forceful.

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We are creators not complainers. We choose to see the world through the lens of learning and growth. When life throws us a curve ball, we learn and adapt and grow. We are inspired by continual and constant growth and push ourselves to THINK BIG.

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We recognize that there is creativity and brilliance in all of us. We trust ourselves to access our creativity, call it forth, and use it in a way that attracts and serves people.

Our Beginnings

APS was a creation by high-performing loan originators, for loan originators who are inspired by creating powerful relationships that perform (generate consistent, high-quality referrals from committed referral partners).

I (Rick Scherer) and my office partner, Richard Clayton, got started in the business together in 2002. We each quickly grew our separate production to $10 Million in year one; $25 Million each by year 3; $50 Million by year 5; By 2009 (year 7) we were each producing $70 Million in production and have produced between $70 – $120 Million every year since.

In 2013, we recognized that the same old pitch to real estate agents (“great rates, products and service”) was no longer landing as a powerful value proposition. We knew that every time we sent our agents a referral, made a valuable connection, offered a creative idea and generally did something special to support their business and help them grow, they responded with an even greater commitment and loyalty. We desired to continue this response, but in an upgraded and leveraged way.

Over the next 3 years we relentlessly asked ourselves the question, “what can we do that would be the ultimate demonstration of commitment to supporting our agents and help them actually grow their businesses?” At the time, many of our agent partners were experiencing high customer question frequency and an inconsistency in referrals from their vendor network. After dozens of hours interviewing our agent partners, The Real Estate Buyer’s Playbook concept was born.

Today, Aspire has built a comprehensive training platform teaching loan originators and real estate agents how to become master relationship creators and in doing so, becoming indispensable referral partners.

Our intention is to teach relationship mastery skills that produce a level of production that creates freedom for all those committed to their inspired futures.

Our Founders

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Rick Schrer

Rick has a strong passion for real estate, finance, marketing, is an active angel investor and advisor to start ups, and loves helping people grow in business and life. He has created concepts, events and marketing strategies that are used to help his referral partners strengthen their business and create a dependable stream of referrals; this has allowed Rick to be in the top 1% of all mortgage originators nationally 7 years in a row and fund nearly $1 billion dollars in mortgage loans. Rick lives with his wife and two children in Massachusetts.

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Richard Clayton

Rich is a successful entrepreneur, angel investor and a true innovator. His accomplishments in business span multiple industries from high tech to real estate and finance. His most recent achievement is being named in the top 1% of residential loan origination Nationally. Rich holds an Engineering degree and an MBA in business and finance. Devoted to helping people in business and life, he has a passion for creating success and a desire to achieve mastery in all that he does. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife and children.

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Marc Manieri

Marc joined Rich and Rick to help them bring The Playbook to the mortgage world. As an executive coach to many of the highest producing loan originators in North America, Marc offers a unique perspective around effective strategies for maximum productivity and performance.